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The Ministry of Education’s Vision provides for developing a full program for all ages of Fijian children and many streams of study. All educational provision in Fiji is based upon a core of intrinsic and enduring values: 

• Cultural understanding, empathy and tolerance 
• Human rights, human dignity and responsibility 
• Safety and security for all (but especially the child) 
• Civic Pride 
• Honesty, fairness and respect for truth and justice 
• Integrity 
• Environmental Sustainability 
• Peace and prosperity 
• Flexibility • Life-long Learning • Compassion 
• Sense of family and community 
• Faith • Creativity. 

  MoE_NNCE_vision.jpg (456585 bytes)

The Foundation’s Vice President of Education & Culture, Apenisa Kurisaqila, is also the Principal of the current Nadroga Navosa school. He will be responsible for developing curriculums and streams for the Centre in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Council of Nadroga Navosa province.

To quote the Ministry in their 2007 Plan, "Key areas to support the education and development of the child holistically in a safe environment will include curriculum, human resources, technical vocational education & training and the school. A partnership between the Ministry of Education and the community is a crucial foundation for the success in this endeavour. 

This strategy will include a strengthening of links to parents, industry and all stakeholders of education with a view of supporting the child holistically, providing a quality education and establishing clear pathways to vocational education, tertiary studies and employment.

The Government continues its commitment to providing a quality education especially to rural areas through both new and improved existing services. Curriculum development and social justice programmes will enhance nation building and promote cross-cultural understanding."

The Fijian Ministry of Education's Strategic Plan 2006 - 2008 provides detailed information on the goals, objectives and current status of schooling in Fiji. This is a large document (approx. 35MB) which can downloaded from the "Paddle" site here. We have included a shorter PDF summary document (1.9MB) from the Ministry of Education website for viewing or download, here.

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