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Project Bula!SM is about hope! Our Fiji Project Team is indebted to the people and organizations below for their generous support: 

Fiji Side

Chief Ratu Provincial Chief, Na Turaga Na Kalevu, Provincial Council of Nadroga Navosa

Viliame Seuseu Provincial Chief Administrator, Province of Nadroga Navosa

Ratu Sakiusa Makutu Chairman, Nadroga Navosa Provincial Council

Alipate Qetaki General Manager, Native Land Trust Board

Filipe Bole Minister for Education, Government of Fiji

Filipe Jitoko Permanent Secretary for Education, Government of Fiji

E. Nasome Director of Environment, Government of Fiji

Radike Qereqeretabu 

US Side

The people below have helped advance Project Bula ! over its story to date, and helped us continuously to answer the question: How can we make this make this happen? 

Paul Chapin, CEO, Director, People to People Student Ambassadors Program

Marie Hopkins, Illinois Area Director, People to People Student Ambassador Program

2004 South Pacific People to People Student Ambassador Delegation

Original Founding Project Bula !  Members:

Michelle Camacho, Designer "Mati Davis" tm Designer Jeans and accessories - Recommends young clothing designers to go for it!

Mark Victor Hansen, Co- Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series - Mark encourages the students and teachers to write a sequel "Chicken Soup for the Fijian Teachers and Students" and for them to write poems and write down their traditional folk stories.

Bob Circosta, "The Billion Dollar Man" past VP of Sales of the Home Shopping Network, owner "What a Great Idea!" TV Show - Bob encourages the creation of products and services solution ideas. If it solves a problem for you it will help solve the problems for others.

T Harv Eker, President of Peak Potentials, author and speaker -Read, read, read then apply what you've read from the Millionaire Mind.

Robert Allen, Co-Author of "Cracking the Millionaire Code" - Create multiple streams of incomes to create passive long term sustainability.

Charlie Gay, past President of Mine Seekers International and present CEO Co-Founder of Humanity Unites Brilliance - Keep telling the story then ask, Who resonates with this Idea?

 US Side (Continued)

Paul Hoffman, Composer, Co-founder of Humanity Unites Brilliance - Pray, meditate, listen to your heart and go for your dream.

Elizabeth Jarosz, Donald Trump Applicant for "The Apprentice," Co-Founder Humanity Unites Brilliance

Troy McClain, Donald Trump Applicant for "The Apprentice," Speaker - Do all things with Excellence.

Robert Kiyosaki, author "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and creator of "Cashflow 101," an educational financial literacy game series - Play the games over and over to increase your financial literacy.

Jack and Rita Daughery, Founder, International Leadership Development Inc. "Read, read, read, self correct. Read transformational books. I read myself rich and no one can take that away from you."

Rich DeVos Founder, Owner of the Amway and Alticorp Corporations

David and April Humphrey, CEO, International Leadership Development Inc. "Be a Hope Ambassador, Inspire, Encourage, Empower others, Believe in your dream."

Scott Lamm, past President, The Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji TM 501(c)(3), Speaker and Real Estate Investor, Investment Advisor

Scott Winer, Professional Photographer, Member of the Giclee Printer's Association "Capture the beauty, then share it"

Jim Stovall, Author, Book and Film, "The Ultimate Gift" "Apply the principles then teach the 12 principles"


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2009 The Educational Foundation for the Children of FijiTM