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Phase I

Accommodation is planned for the current level of high school students, 8 to 15 years old, numbering about 150. In addition there will be young adults who are no longer at high school but are not sufficiently trained, numbering about 100. Phase I will result in a school and grounds that will support at least 250 students, along with faculty and administrative staff. The first part of the Phase I buildings are designed to be flexible so that they can accommodate up to approximately 400 students, mostly residential.

The school is also designed and planned to implement a significant TVET program. It will have facilities as a training tool for apprentices in selected industries. The structures are strongly self-sustaining, so that as each phase is completed and handed over to the School Board, students at different training levels will be sent to practice on the ongoing construction. Other formal technical and vocational training will be provided for young Fijians.


The initial build for Phase I is the minimum necessary to make the School and our project a viable operating entity. Initial enrolment of up to 150 students and 100 young adults as TVET participants, will need about 12 teachers in support. Five buildings plus the Inspiration Point make up this first construction group. These are: 

 1 café of 6,300 SF which can also be used for classrooms 
 2 dorms totaling 24,700 SF for up to 400 students, double bunked. Housing needs to be separate buildings for boys and girls.
 1 library of 9,500 SF which can also be used partly for classrooms 
 1 community center of 6,100 SF. This facility will be used partly for classrooms, administration, and the Principal’s housing. 
 Inspiration Point is a meditative garden with landscaping; approximately 3,250 SF.
 Site work and grading, and infrastructure of services sufficient for Phase I but sized to be expandable for the whole community. 

In the café, library and community buildings, Phase I provides flexibility for alternative layouts to set up classrooms. This would provide a base for up to 8 classrooms prior to construction of dedicated classrooms in Phase II.

The completed Phase I campus buildings are designed to support up to 576 residential students, with a total of eleven structures: 

 1 café of 6,300 SF, also be used for classrooms at this phase 
 7 dorms totaling 46,000 SF for up to 576 students, single bunked, or up to twice this number double bunked 
 1 library of 9,500 SF, also be used partly for classrooms at this phase 
 1 community center of 6,100 SF. At this phase, this facility will be used between classrooms, administration, and housing. 
 Inspiration Point meditative garden with landscaping; and an arboretum.

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