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The Project Bula ! team may be contacted by email or just as simply by letter. We will be developing a newsletter, with updates and information. Highlights planned include pictures, writing and work by Fijian students. We can also see chat boards, blogs and such with exchange student and schools in the USA and other countries connected to the project. In this initial time, the first simple connections are: 

Email to us
here about any aspect of Project Bula !SM you wish to know more about. 

Our formal mailing address in the USA is:

   Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji
SM 501c3
   2 N 170 Fairfield Ave
   Lombard, IL 60148

   Phone  (+1) 630 748 0197  or in the USA (866) 499 8034

2009 The Educational Foundation for the Children of FijiTM