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The Project Bula!TM team is indebted to the many people who have already contributed and supported the project. We will be publishing all contributions with the request and permission from donors. 

To date, we appreciate in particular the following contributions, donations, pledges, and efforts made for Project Bula !TM ;

From Chief Ratu, the site for the school, of size and location to realize the dream in its entirety for generations to come;

From the Government of Fiji, the approval in principle and participation with Team members of the project;

From our Architect, the foresight to develop plans beyond the Master Planning stage to Construction Drawings to enable construction start;

We have also received pledges, donations-in-kind from many directions, including:

- Pledges of support for operational costs from hospitality industry companies in Fiji;
- A complete library content from a college in the United States;
- Transportation support from travel and shipping industry companies.



We will be establishing separate funds for each group of partnering schools for exchange or scholarship programs, for teacher exchange, and other endowment purposes. Currently we are tracking all donations to match the intention of our donors! 

2009 The Educational Foundation for the Children of FijiTM