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Faculty and Staff Residences
As noted in the Fijian Rural Education Project, the isolated nature of many rural schools presents challenges in attracting and housing sufficient qualified teachers to remote districts. 

It is an integral part of the vision for the Centre that it provides such accommodation, using creative solutions such as conversion of shipping containers, or other alternative construction. The site Master Plan provides generous space for the teacher community accommodation, with a little distance from the school buildings for sufficient privacy. Construction of faculty residences would commence as early as Phase II.

Family Program

It is integral to the program and Centre to provide accommodation for families of students from remote rural areas in the Province and indeed from many of the surrounding regions. 

The total population qualified to send their children to this School will be in the order of 300,000 native Fijians.

The illustration at left shows a traditional Bure house, which is a formal meeting place for the village, reserved for ceremonial and other specific meetings.

Family Residences on the Campus 

Separate areas of the site have been set aside for family and support accommodation, including preparation of leveled sites and provision of toilet and washing facilities. Similarly to teacher accommodation, actual housing can be varied and creative, and will depend on the support and donations from both Fijian and overseas businesses. 

As the population and campus increases in size, we anticipate integration of programs; such as using high school children to teach pre-schoolers and even leverage adult literacy programs. Our project's eventual objective is to provide schooling for 10,000 native Fijian children, from a population of about 300,000. 

The institution is long term and self-supporting, in keeping with the long lease period granted by the Chief and reflecting the importance to Fijians of their traditions and the nurturing of following generations.

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