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Only a few years ago, such things as the commercialization of the non-profit world would have seemed incongruous to many of us. But it is a reality. Decreases in government and contributed funding have forced non-profits into the business of "selling" what they are trying to build or rescue.

Our biggest asset is the compelling nature of Project Bula !TM It is really quite astonishing how this need continues to capture the attention, imagination and, above all, desire of family, friends and complete strangers to build a school so that children in a rural area of Fiji can realize their dreams. To list some of our strengths, we already have: 
- The school site, specifically donated for this purpose
- Approval to build the school proposed
- The Project Master Plan for both initial implementation and later
- Construction drawings for Phase I 
- A communication network with the Fijian Government and Fijian owners. 

  Project Bula!TM will develop signature products, where proceeds will be put towards the school as an ongoing entity. Products will be made at the school where possible as part of VTET programs. 

Fundraising Targets

We are targeting substantial donor support for the construction of Phase I. Approximately 1.25M is needed to commence actual construction, planned for the end of 2009. 

We have developed a more modest start-up scenario which builds only the first five buildings in Phase I, plus Inspiration Point and as much of the site work necessary to service the Phase I area. The cost for this reduced scope startup is estimated at $8M, which is the minimum needed to build a viable self-sufficient school campus on the site. We must add the professional fees and soft costs to this construction estimate, plus the amounts needed for administration and fund raising efforts. 

Our total goal for donations to enable execution of the plan to the minimum Phase I buildings and site is therefore about $12M USD over a period of about 18 months. 

The school buildings and site for Phase 1 are estimated to cost $12MUSD. Construction soft costs, services, educational equipment, materials and training, and administration brings the eventual cost for Phase I to an estimated $17M USD. This will be a most substantial rural school project for Fiji. 

 Concurrent Funding Programs

During construction of the new school, we plan the following parallel activities: 

- Develop an educational support program with the Ministry of Education and the Provincial authorities and people
- Initiate international and regional programs for teacher and student exchange, using funds from donation programs through participating schools and teacher colleges


- Educational materials, and other support, and donations or support to transport same to Fiji.
- Project construction equipment, particular materials, and donations or support to transport same to Fiji. 

We also plan to develop other supportive ventures as transportation and opportunities for employment and contracts for the VTEC graduates during their training.

Our Foundation is a member of Humanity Unites Brilliance. This is a social networking organization to provide food, water, education, micro-loans, to member countries. Our intent is to form alliances with other organizations that can teach us about policies and processes in the South Pacific.

2009 The Educational Foundation for the Children of FijiTM