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Fijian Wood Vase

Fiji's education system is unique in that Education is a partnership between the Government 
and the communities. The Government pays for the salaries of the teachers and provides 
educational grants and the school committees manage the financial operations 
of the school including physical facilities and infrastructure.

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the administration and management of
education policy and the delivery of educational services. It provides the curriculum
framework, policy guidelines and directions and qualified teaching personnel that support
schools in the delivery of quality education for students. 

The core business of the Ministry of Education is the delivery of education and training

As stated by the Minister of Education in the Ministry’s 2007 Plan, “One of the
Millennium Development Goals ratified by many countries, including Fiji, is to eradicate
all forms of discrimination in terms of gender, race, colour, religion, disabilities, culture,
political affiliation and language, among others.

“We believe we have a social contract with the people of Fiji to create a dynamic and
discrimination-free education environment that will provide the platform for all the
children of Fiji to succeed. This is vital to our progress as a nation. In this regard, I intend
to consult with education stakeholders and partners in the community in order to progress
developments which will make our schools representative of this goal and ensure that all
children are protected from all forms of discrimination.”

Our Project addresses the educational infrastructure needs of rural Fijian children in the
Nadroga Province, with a total rural population of 300,000. Other adjoining provinces
will also have access in later phases to send their children to our School.
    Our Project Bula! Objectives are:
Provide residence halls, classrooms and community facilities as a Centre of
Excellence for educating eight through fifteen year old rural Fijian children, in
accordance with the syllabuses and guidelines of the Ministry of Education.
Provide an environmentally neutral, green-energy, self-sustaining, educational
campus where the Fijian people can send their children to achieve the Ministry
of Education’s vision of “Educating the child holistically for a peaceful and
prosperous Fiji”. The project is classified as a native Fijian project.
Provide a training environment and programs for the needs of sixteen through
twenty-one year old graduating students, including the training of Fijian
tradesmen through apprentice through journeymen; building operation staff;
maintenance staff; education and business administrators.
Provide a training environment and partnerships young adult Fijians to qualify
and prepare for careers in VTEC programs supported by the Ministry for
Provide exchange programs for Fijian and other students from overseas, in
accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Education.


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