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Project Bula !TM School Site; a video by Scott Lamm


Scott Lamm, our previous President, made this short video during his visit to Fiji in 2007.

The actual site donated by Chief Ratu was selected by our Architect, Jocelyn Mackay. Overall dimensions are about 500 meters wide by nearly 800 meters deep, with up to 20 m slope over the built areas. It is 7 km from Sigatoka, and incorporates an elegance of space and geography to accommodate and grow the school campus in successive phases. The beauty of this environment is very apparent from Scott's video. 

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(With appreciation to Scott Lamm for bequeathing this video to the Foundation). 

SITE FEATURES (from main site page)

 The site is accessible by road between Sikatoga and the Shangri La Resort and is approximately 10 km  from the main south coast road through Sigatoka. 
 The terrain is sufficiently open and of gradients that will not be unduly to susceptible to typhoons or flooding from seasonal rains. 


SITE FEATURES (from main site page)

 All the buildings are designed to withstand significant seismic loads and typhoon level winds. The site is sufficiently back from the coast to be protected from extreme on-shore storms and flooding. 
 The site is completely surrounded by land pertaining to the Native Lands Trust and independent from direct commercial interests or development. 

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