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    Board, Consultants & Concept Team:

Board of Directors:

.. Founder and President, Philip Wachniak 
.. Founder, Carol Wachniak
.. Vice President of Projects & Budgets, Craig Holmes
.. Vice President of Education & Culture, Apenisa Kurisaqila
.. Secretary, Janet Holmes
.. Treasurer, Veryan Cunningham.
.. Project Architect, Jocelyn Mackay

Board Advisory Positions:

   o Internet Marketing & Website Advisor, Anders Jacobsson
           o Student Ambassador, Jaimi Wachniak
   o Director Missions, Ho Yun
   o Personal Assistant, Humberto Toledo
   o Fijian Ministry of Education Advisor (to be determined)
   o Legal Counsel, Anderson Business Advisors Clint Coons, 
         Bob Wilkinson, Dean Conway, Kent, WA
   o Registered Accountants, Boss Services,
Las Vegas, NV

2009 The Educational Foundation for the Children of FijiTM