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According to the Ministry of Education's 2007 Annual Corporate Plan, Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) "will be given greater prominence in the education system as it will play an important role in the development of the future for the children in Fiji." 

The Ministry's specific objectives include establishment of alternative vocational pathways, and development of a Master Plan for TVET centers. The Centre will follow the TVET Strategic Directions from the Ministry and strengthen franchise relationships. 

It is our aim to meet the Ministry's goal of 80% or better success rate through the TVET programs, and to ensure the program aligns with the National Curriculum Framework.


Carpentry and Joinery 
This basic building trade certificate will utilize the trainees for the provision of windows, doors and furniture for all buildings, and furniture and fittings for the classrooms and the special purpose buildings.

Construction Equipment Operators and Trade Apprentices 
Tradesmen, skilled Site Labor and Equipment Operators will be trained as an integral part of the work force to build each phase of the school and subsequent maintenance and upkeep of the environment in the long term.

Vocational Agriculture 
During Phase I, we expect to establish the "Edible Landscape" area to support training in Vocational Agriculture and Farming, which will also generate more self sufficiency in basic foods for the resident students. There is sufficient space on the site to expand the horticultural and animal farm areas as required. We are able to start with a small self-sustaining interim farm: 2 cows, a gaggle of chickens, etc.

Catering (Culinary Arts) and Tailoring
These are trades for which training can be developed as the campus expands, with the availability of special purpose buildings and work areas.

Hospitality Industry 
We are looking for partnerships with supporting resort hotels in Fiji and internationally, to provide learning environments in conjunction with formal training at the School.

The Ministry of Education's plan for the School also includes vocational training in Automotive Engineering, Office Technology and Business Management, which we see happening in later phases with support from companies, providing equipment and apprenticeship opportunities.

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